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Femtastic is Coming!

What's the Femtastic Podcast?

It's where Katie Breen interviews feminist activists, researchers, and advocates working to make women's issues...well, non-issues. Katie explores issues of reproductive rights, pay equity, abortion, birth control, sex ed, paid family leave, breastfeeding, periods, reproductive healthcare, domestic violence, sexual assault, and LGBTQ issues - examining topics through the lens of intersectional feminism and reproductive justice. We also laugh.

Episodes are coming soon, but in the meantime, if you could be a doll and like us on Facebook and throw us a pity-follow on Twitter and Instagram - that would be swell. Really want to be an A+ Overachiever? Share us on those channels. Tell yo friends. Tell strangers. Tell your OB/GYN. You feel me? 

Also subscribe to receive an email every time something exciting happens - like a new episode!

Peace, Love, and Uteruses (that sounds pretty weird pluralized),



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