Katie Breen interviews feminist activists, researchers, and advocates working to make "women's issues"...well, non-issues. Femtastic explores issues of reproductive rights and health, progressive politics, gender equality, sexual violence, LGBTQ+ perspectives, racism, social justice, and more - examining topics through the lens of intersectional feminism and reproductive justice. We also laugh.

About the Femtastic Podcast
Who the hell is Katie Breen?

A lover of alpine lakes, 73-degree weather, books, and Harry Potter, she started Femtastic Podcast in early 2016 as a way to spread awareness of and information about issues that affect women. And, naturally, to promote her angry feminist agenda.

She has a Master of Public Health from Harvard University's T.H. Chan School of Public Health with a concentration in Maternal-Child Health. Her academic foci included maternal health, abortion, contraception, and the social determinants of health. When she is not podcasting, she has a full-time job working to improve the safety and quality of maternal health in the state of Colorado.

Here is the LinkedIn version of Katie.

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