What’s the Femtastic Podcast?

It's where Katie Breen interviews feminist activists, researchers, and advocates working to make women's issues...well, non-issues. Katie explores issues of reproductive rights, pay equity, abortion, birth control, sex ed, paid family leave, breastfeeding, periods, reproductive healthcare, domestic violence, sexual assault, LGBTQ issues, and more - examining topics through the lens of intersectional feminism and reproductive justice. We also laugh.

Who the hell is Katie Breen?

Katie Breen is a marketer and brand strategist by day, and a feminist cyborg by night.A graduate of the University of Maryland, she began her career in advertising, working on brand strategy for brands like American Express, L'Oreal, Samsung, ASICS, and Petco. After leaving the agency world to find colleagues that didn't hate their lives, and to avoid working on bullshit products like makeup and wrinkle cream marketed to women and their insecurities, she found the weirdos over at Shinesty. She now peddles absurd party clothing for a living. She reports that she and her colleagues, resoundingly, do not hate their lives.

A lover of climbing, Harry Potter, alpine lakes, 73-degree weather, and animal-free food, she started the Femtastic Podcast in 2016 as a way to spread awareness of and information about issues that affect women. And, naturally, to promote her angry feminist agenda.