Episode 4: Campus Sexual Assault and Title IX

Katie Breen
Friday, August 26, 2016
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If you thought Title IX was just about sports, get ready for an interesting discussion. In this episode, Katie interviews seasoned campus violence educator and advocate, Tara Misra. Katie and Tara discuss the prevalence of sexual assault and relationship violence on college campuses, how survivors of campus sexual assault and other gender-based violence can use Title IX to seek justice (even after leaving school, even if you never went to the police), and how the conversation around campus sexual assault has changed over the years. They also discuss why a survivor may not go to the police following an assault, the impact that trauma can have on academic (and life) performance, and some advice on how to support a friend who has survived a traumatic incident.

As always, look out for The AfterShow - a blog post with bonus content about the topics discussed in this episode, with links to relevant resources, articles, and studies.

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